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How to Play Bossa & Samba for Bowed Strings

$19.95 USD

Master Bossa and Samba styles for violin, viola, & cello, with transcriptions, audio commentary & video. Inc...

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Music Biz Mastermind

If you're a musician, teacher, or freelancer interested in making money or attracting more/better projects and c...

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How to Practice & Apply Harmony on Violin, Viola, & Cello

$14.95 USD

One of the best ways to get better, faster-  is to improve your practice warm up. Think about it. What do ...

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Chromatic Universe- for VIolin, VIola, and Cello

On sale for $7.00 USD (normally $19.95)

Open your eyes, ears, heart, and FINGERS to a whole new world of sound and possibility.  Included in this cours...

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