How to Play Bossa & Samba for Bowed Strings

Master Bossa and Samba styles for violin, viola, & cello, with transcriptions, audio commentary & video.

Included in this course:

  • 4 instructional videos on Bossa & Samba, solo violin improvisation, and creating a backing track and loops
  • 30 minute in-depth audio commentary in which I share analysis and tips
  • Bowed & fingered transcriptions of both solo takes & backing track
  • Free content updates for life

There's often a gateway style that leads classical musicians to expand into more creative musical expression. For me the gateway was rock music during high school that primed the pump to be open to modern jazz, composition, arranging, and more.

Some styles are easier for classical musicians to access due to the familiarity of rhythms, harmonies, or melodies.  Jazz, with it's reliance on triplet-based swing, complex harmonies, and unfamiliar melodies, can be difficult for classical musicians.

Bossas and Sambas, like Rock, with their reliance on duple feel, may be a more logical next step for classical musicians.  It still offers plenty of challenges, and is a natural compliment to studying rock, funk, bluegrass and other styles.

That's my theory, and it's why I think Bossas, Sambas, and Choros are perfect for classically trained musicians to gain fluency and creativity.

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