Music Biz Mastermind DIY Online Course

Music Biz Mastermind is a DIY online course designed to help freelance musicians and creatives get more clients, gigs and projects- predictably and reliably.

So, you’re probably wondering, what is this all about?

This is about your money, your time, your business, and your life.

I want to help you accelerate and improve the results you're getting in your business.  

-So you can get out of the feast and famine cycle

-So you can attract more projects, clients, students, or gigs more reliably, without feeling scattered and overwhelmed

-So you can spend more time and energy focused on things you care about, whether that includes your music, your health, family, etc..

There's one premise we should agree on before going any further:

Regardless of your situation now, you can improve your business by improving your sales skills/processes,  and/or implementing smart business strategies. 

And if you take the right action, with the right support, you will generate more clients and more income.

If you don't accept this premise, stop reading.  

This is for you if:

You believe that you're capable and responsible for creating the change you want

You're motivated to take action,  and learn new skills if needed, to create results. 

It's really not for you if:

-You want a push button solution

-You blame someone or something for where you're at right now

-You don't feel driven to make your vision a reality. 

Why listen to me?

For the past 22 years I’ve grown a successful career working for myself as a musician in many, many different ways:

As a bandleader, side-person, clinician, selling records, licensing original music, running camps and workshops, working as an Associate Professor at Berklee, partnering with record labels, partnering in endorsement deals, running my own booking agency, teaching private students in person and via Skype, producing records for other artists, recording strings online, winning grants, arranging, publishing online courses, books, sheet music, and more....

 I did a lot of that living in Columbus, Ohio, and more living in NYC for 10 years.

All while raising kids. 

It occurred to me, since I studied and applied business skills in order to do all of this, that I could help other musicians, most of whom have never studied business. 

So five years ago I began consulting professional musicians in growing their businesses, casually at first. 

Three years ago I got more serious about it, and since then,  I’ve formally coached over 100 professional musicians, whether through 1-1 consulting or through a mastermind group I created.. 

These are real musicians of many different backgrounds, ages, and interests, who have gotten results from working with me.

You can hear what they have to say here.

Now you know. 

I have succeeded as a musician, I know how to help other musicians succeed, and I want to help you.

What's different about this course:

 Until now, all clients of mine have paid either $500 per month for private coaching or $147 per month to be a part of my mentoring group.

And those are both amazing values.

However,  I realize that some people honestly feel like they cannot afford $147. 

So, I created this new DIY Online Course for people who want a ridiculously affordable entry point to improve their skills and begin to transform their business.

You can purchase the course outright for $75 or you can access it for $40 per month, along with access to bonus coaching calls.

$40. That's ridiculously affordable. 

As part of the Music Biz Mastermind DIY Online Course, you will get: 

  • Access to a free one-time private phone consult with me.  During the call I'll help you understand where you're wasting time and where to put your energy to reach your goals.
  • Access to the full course, including lessons, worksheets, and assessments.
  • Access to our mentoring group private calls (for monthly subscribers only)
  • 30-day total money back guarantee

What I’ll ask from you:

  • A commitment to engage in the process
  • Comment on what can be improved and what’s working for you, and take initiative to reach out if you don't understand something.
  • Be open to receiving honest feedback on your goals, strategies, and actions

Here are some of the Benefits you can expect:

  • Freedom of self expression in speaking and promoting your value
  • Clear course of action to grow your business by getting more gigs, projects,  clients, or students.
  • Clear strategies to reach your goals.

Course Curriculum:

There are currently 30 lessons. More will be added regularly.

  • Resources:  Pdf, video, and audio trainings; Worksheets; A step by step process; Templates; assessments; interactive features. The core content will help you clarify your goals, eliminate roadblocks, improve or create marketing assets, design action plans, and generate sales and clients. It will drill deep into detailed strategies, tactics, and resources to help you create results.
  • Sales- Process and Psychology; The heart of the course & the engine of a business.
  • Marketing- What to do and what not to waste your time on
  • Revenue Streams and Strategy- the inside scoop on every hustle you could try in the music business.
  • This is a living, breathing course, meaning that it is added to and continually improved based on user feedback. If there's something missing that you'd like to see, let me know and I'll create it. 

Time Frame: As soon as you register, you’ll get immediate access, and there are TWO OPTIONS for how to join:

  • $74.95 one-time fee. Get access to the course with lifetime updates.
  • $39.95 per month (cancel anytime). Get full access to the course AND twice-per-month LIVE online mastermind call with me and my premium mentoring group members. During these calls you'll get 1-1 feedback from me.

This is truly risk free. Why? Because I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you're not satisfied, email me before the 30th day, show me you did the work, and I’ll give you a prompt refund.

Click Here for testimonials from clients who have worked with me in 1-1 coaching and/or my mentoring group.

Would you rather consider working with me through the mastermind group or in private coaching? Currently I'm offering free consultations to serious applicants only.  During our phone call, I'll learn more about your goals, offer constructive feedback, and we can both decide whether it's a good fit to work together. 

If you'd like to consider working with me through private coaching, apply to schedule a call here

Otherwise, get this amazing deal of a course and get started growing your business. 

See you inside!



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